Secret Behind The Taste Of Popeyes’ Biscuits

Ever since Popeyes had introduced Biscuits in their menu, they have been the talk of the town. There is something about these biscuits that are making people want them again and again, even as they would order them stand alone. It is not a new type of good item that Popeyes introduced. In fact, many fast food restaurants offer biscuits as a part of their breakfast menu and even biscuit sandwiches with bigger ones. So, what makes Popeyes Biscuits special? Or is it?

How is a Popeye Biscuit made?

This is not rocket science. In fact, Popeyes’ had publicly disclosed the fact that they use Buttermilk to prepare their biscuits. In addition to COLD butter, Popeyes’ use Buttermilk that adds that salty flavor to these biscuits that stands out from the regular buttery biscuits.

So, it remains that the Buttermilk is the secret recipe for Popeyes’ recipe.

How good is Popeyes’ biscuit?

Many reviewers have given their opinion on these crispies, and so many of them have given a positive nod for them. But what I like most about these reviews are that they don’t seem to just explore the taste aspect of the biscuits and the recipes, but they tend to address the impact they give to them. Some even addressed it as a “Triumph” for Popeyes’ as this seems to be the future star for the brand and they will definitely be the crowd puller. 

How many calories are in Popeyes’ Biscuits?

This is not something you would worry about too much even if you are working out on shedding calories, as you probably are aware that Biscuits don’t give you more calories to make you worried.

A 60 g serving of Biscuits contain 207 calories with a little bit of fat (13 g). 

This ain’t too much to cause you trouble, but the problem is you just don’t eat biscuits only. 

How to make Popeyes’ Biscuits on your own?

Do not worry. Popeyes’ introduced their own Buttermilk Biscuit Mix that they started selling on Amazon and even on Walmart. You can buy them right away, just be wary of their availability.

All you need to do is mix butter and milk in the mix and you can make biscuits of any size you want and any shape you desire.

On a Final note:

Popeyes’ biscuits go well along with Popeyes’ gravy or honey, so next time you wish to taste them, just get them with this combo. I am sure it won’t disappoint you.