Arby's Specials 2022 - Arby's Happy Hour | 2 For $6 Menu

Have you been to Arby’s before? If not, then this is the best time to try it out. Arby’s is known for their special offers, Arby’s Happy Hour and different menu varieties and this article is about to enlighten you with all the current offerings you can get in their restaurants.

Arby’s is a fast food restaurant chain that does not offer Hamburgers, but that should not get you thinking. They have much more food items on their menu which will definitely make you want to have a grab anytime soon. Their motto says “We have the meat”.

From roasted beef and Swiss, roasted chicken Caesar and the Greek Gyro meal, the varieties should be enough to pull you into one of their outlets and never want you to leave them.

Which Arby's sandwiches are 2 for $6?

In the line of many other popular restaurants, Arby’s adds 2 for $ 6 in their everyday value menu – one of the most popular promotional tactics used by many fast food outlets. In this offer, Arby’s provides any two fast food snacks for just $ 6. 

Below are the options you have to choose your two items from –

  • Spicy Greek Gyro
  • Roast Turkey Gyro
  • Roast Beef Gyro
  • 3-piece Chicken Tenders
  • Beef ‘N Cheddar sandwich

They added the Gyro line of dishes only recently and this was a welcome addition by many fans who already got a liking towards this food item.

What sandwiches are 2 for 5 at Arby's?

Similar to the 2 for $ 6, Arby’s also offers a 2 for $ 5 menu, where you are allowed to choose 2 items from the below 5 snacks for just $ 5. This should be a great deal for those who like to have a light meal.

The options available for ordering in this deal are – 

  • Classic Beef ‘N Cheddar Sandwich
  • Classic Regular Roast Beef Sandwich
  • Crispy Fish Sandwich
  • Mozzarella Sticks (4 pieces)
  • White Cheddar Mac ‘N Cheese

What is Arby’s Happy Hour Menu?

Arby’s happy hour menu is the time where you get to choose your favorite drinks at a much lesser price, up to even $ 1. They call this time “Snack Rush”, where you also get a few snack items for $ 1.

Happy hours start by 2:00 PM in the noon and go on till 5:00 PM. 

Below items are available at $ 1 during the happy hours.

  • Slider
  • Cookie
  • Small potato cakes
  • Small curly fries
  • Small shake
  • Small drink

The sliders are their most received snacks like Buffalo Chicken Slider, Chicken ‘n Cheese Slider, Ham ‘n Cheese Slider, Jalapeño Roast Beef Slider, Pizza Slider, Roast Beef ‘n Cheese Slider, and Turkey ‘n Cheese Slider.